I am Joel Grandel. I live in a self built hut on the rough but beautiful beach of Diskos (Lentas, Crete) I've been listening to Mother Earth since more than 20 years; I know the sound of the sea, the sound of the sand, the sound of the rocks and the trees, of the birds and the bees, of the winds and the storms, of people and animals. These sounds have made to the man I am today. They tell me stories from the beginning of times and everyday life. They send me signs of power and weakness, of doubt and certainty, of eternal bliss and damnation. All this emerges in my music, an acoustic stream of consciousness, never written down in notes or arrangements, straight from my heart and soul, as given to me by Mother Earth herself. I express my eternal thanks to Mother Nature by planting trees, tamarisk and olive, and cactus plants where ever it seems appropriate on this beautiful island. Once, this was one of the most green and fertile spots in the Mediterranean. Now Crete has become a dry and barren. Still astonishingly beautiful in its own right but not healthy as it could be.


  1. Hallo Joel! Du lebst das Leben, wovon viele hier träumen, aber nicht den Mut dazu haben... Du bist eben schon ein "Fortgeschrittener" - im doppelten Sinn. Ich bewundere Dich! Du bist mutig! Ich wünsche Dir, dass Du endlich mit Deiner Tochter zusammen kommst!!!
    Wie kann man mit Dir in Kontakt kommen?

    Alles Liebe, Astrowolf

  2. Thought he died in a car accident in Ohio?